The Tag Along 2

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Worried about a child abuse case, social worker Li Shu Fen (Rainie Yang) visits the home of Lin Mei Hua (Francesca Kao), who has locked up her child in a room, both covered in talismanic writing. They are trying to warding off some evil spirt. Li Shu Fen gets distracted from the investigation by her own discovery of her teenage daughter Ya Ting getting pregnant.

After a huge argument, Ya Ting runs away from school and winds up missing. Shu Fen enlists the help of local rangers and even the boyfriend of her daughter, Lin Jun Wei (Wu Nien Hsuan) to search for her daughter.

Their only clue – video evidence of Ya Ting led away by a mysterious girl in red…

Rainie Yang – Li Shu Fen
Hsu Wei-Ning – Shen Yi Chun
Francesca Kao – Lin Mei Hua
Lung Shao-Hua – Master Long
River Huang– Ho Chih-Wei
  • STUDIO: CMC Entertainment, HIM International Music, Lots Home Entertainment
  • GENRE: Horror, Thriller
  • LANGUAGES: Mandarin w/English Subtitles
  • DURATION OF FILM: 108 minutes

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San Francisco

New York

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